Berkshire Nordic Ski Services

Berkshire Nordic Ski Services

Berkshire Nordic Ski ServicesBerkshire Nordic Ski ServicesBerkshire Nordic Ski Services

Providing custom nordic stone grinding and waxing services in the Upper Midwest

About Us

Mt. Greylock, Berkshire County, Massachusetts

What's in a name?

Our chief stone grinder (actually our only stone grinder) Jim Kelley grew up in the mountains of Berkshire County in western Massachusetts (Mt. Greylock in photo).  It is in Berkshire County where Jim raced in cross country skiing and competed in nordic jumping for his local high school.  He's been racing ever since, and has completed 21 American Birkebeiner ski marathons as well as the 90km Swedish Vasaloppet.  Jim was trained in the use of the Wintersteiger Micro 100 stone grinder and has pursued his passion for making nordic skis faster.  His skiing roots in Berkshire County led to the name of his company.


Spring Update !!

Wow...the Korte and Birkie have come and gone for another year.  It was an absolutely fantastic day to be out on the trails on Friday and Saturday of race week.  Who can remember the last time there was no wind on the lake crossing?  There is still some spring skiing to be had.  Also, there are some great races still on the calendar, including the Bear Chase which is often the season-ender for many skiers before they get the bikes or trail running shoes out for the spring.

Spring is a great time to get your skis ready for next season.  Don't be that person next fall who gets caught off guard by an early November snow and realizes they didn't put storage wax on their skis and have no clue what glide wax is currently on their ski as they try to head out for the first ski of the season...likely whatever wax they used for the Birkie :)

Let us rejuvenate your skis now by getting rid of those scratches and gouges from this winter, putting a fresh grind on them and finishing off with storage wax.  We could even put a colder wax on as storage wax so all you have to do in fall is scrape, brush and ski.

 Check out our overview of our grinds and waxing packages below. If you have any questions or want to reserve a spot for grinding or waxing please message us here or email berkshirenordic@gmail dot com.


Quick turnaround !!

Our scheduled stone grinding batches are designed to give quick turnaround so that you are back on your skis in no time.  See our list of services below.


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We love to talk about making nordic skis faster or simply rejuvenating older skis, so feel free to contact us to set up an appointment to drop off your skis.

Berkshire Nordic Ski Services

Located in northwest Wisconsin 1.5 hours south of the Birkie Trail

(715) 475-8020


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We offer the following stone grinding , waxing, and ski repair services:

Stone grinding - $65

What is stone grinding and why should you have it done to your skis?

While skiing we put pressure and friction on the snow beneath us which creates a film of water…even at cold temperatures.  If this water is not managed properly the resulting frictional forces causes slow skis.  Snow conditions also need to be considered.  For example, new, cold snow is highly abrasive and a fast ski will be one with a very fine “grind” 


Stone grinding is a process that begins with flattening of your ski base, which makes an ideal starting point for accepting the desired “grind”.  In simple terms, the “grind” is a pattern imparted on the ski by a rotating stone. In general, fine grinds are best for colder, drier conditions while a coarse grind is best for warmer, wetter conditions. In addition, a stone-ground ski will also accept wax much more readily than a dried-out, hardened base. A flat ski will be a faster ski.  A flat ski with the proper grind for a given snow condition will be an even faster ski. 

Which grind should I get?

We offer the following grinds: 

1)  Cold super-fine

2)  Cold universal

3)  Warm universal

4)  Warm

The type of grind you should choose will depend on how many pairs of skis you own and the typical conditions you ski in.  If you own a single pair of skis we always recommend going with our cold universal grind which can handle many of the conditions we find here in the upper Midwest.  If you have a second pair of skis we would recommend our warm universal grind which will come in handy in the warmer days of late winter/early spring.  If you are a racer with a larger quiver of skis you might want to go with a cold super-fine grind on a third pair of skis to deal with polar conditions with abrasive snow.  If you’re still unsure what grind to go with just drop us a line in our Contact Us section.

Waxing Services

General ski cleaning - $20  

Includes removal of kick wax or klister on classic skis, removal of storage wax, etc.  Skis brought in for stone grinding that have not be cleaned prior to drop-off will be charge this fee.

Warm scrape - $20  

“Warm scrape” of skate skis and tips and tails of classic skis to help remove dirt from ski bases. Classic or skate skis with any visible dirt on bases will be given this treatment.

General ski cleaning plus warm scrape - $35

Includes removal storage wax, removal of kick wax or klister on classic skis plus “warm scrape” of tips and tails on classic and skate skis to help remove dirt from ski bases. Classic or skate skis with any visible dirt on bases will be given this treatment.

Base binder for classic skis - $15

Following cleaning of the kick zone, a specialized base binder is applied, gently heated and smoothed to serve as the foundation for regular kick waxes to increase durability.

Basic Sport Hot Wax - $35

Includes 1 layer of paraffin hot wax, scraped and brushed

Advanced Sport Hot Wax - $45

Includes 2 layers of paraffin hot wax for added durability, scraped and brushed

Race Day Hot Wax - $80

Includes 3 layers:  paraffin base, low fluor mid-layer and high fluor final layer

“A” Race Hot Wax with Pure Fluor Topcoat - $99

Pull out all the stops for the Birkie or other “A” race on your schedule. Includes 4 layers: paraffin base, low fluor and high fluor mid-layers, topped off with pure fluor top coat.

Thermo Bag (a.k.a. hot box) Treatment - $60

The ideal start for a freshly stoneground ski or a mid-season base rejuvenation – all you will need to do to get your skis race ready is to put your wax of the day on. This process super-saturates your ski base with wax and features a single layer of a soft paraffin wax gently baked in our state of the art SKI SAUNA Thermo Bag at 55 C for 60 minutes. This is followed by applying a single layer of hard paraffin wax to harden up the base. 

Ski Repair

P-tex base repair - Starting at $15 with major repair cost dependent on severity of damage

Filling-in of minor gouges and/or scratches with p-tex base material.  If major repairs are needed, pricing will be set according to severity of damage to ski base.